Compensation and Fees


We understand that people want the most for the money they spend.  Some people have no problems with commissions.  Others have a built-in dislike of commissions, regardless of the performance of their investments.

Commissions - When we help implement your Financial Plan, we'll suggest insurance or investment products that may pay us a commission.  When you choose to work with us in this format, we're paid by the companies we recommend.  To charge a fee in addition to these commissions would, in our opinion, constitute “double dipping.”  We're glad to explain all the “hidden” fees and expenses in the products we recommend and will do so before we ask you to sign any applications.

Fee Based Accounts - Certain investment accounts charge a fee, part of which comes to us, similar to a commission.  Although the maximum allowable charge is 2.50% of assets under management, our fee starts at 2.00%.  Once your account is valued at $1,000,000, the fee is reduced to 1.75%.

Fee for Service – If you would like to take advantage of our expertise but want to choose investment and insurance products on your own, our fee is $125 per hour.  It usually takes ten to twelve hours to formulate a complete financial plan, so your fee in this case would be about $1,250 to $1,500.

Attorneys – We can usually recommend an attorney that will help you through the legal aspects of estate planning.  Although we will work with your attorney, we do not receive any compensation or finders fees.

Tax Preparation – Fees for tax preparation are in addition to the fees mentioned above and are based on the complexity of your return.  The basic fee is $100.  Additional forms and schedules add additional fees.   When we prepare your return, we're glad to file it for you electronically at no extra charge.  To learn more about our fees go to "Our Tax Preparation Fees" in the "About Us" pull down menu.